Stogger believes that wireless lighting offers ultimate freedom to designers and manufacturers.
We develop and market our patent pending wireless lighting.

Our system consists of wireless LED modules which can be mounted onto our PowerBoard. You get full design freedom without having to deal with wiring.

Currently, we have developed our products specifically for the needs of the following markets:
- Sign industry (our primary market)
- Horticulture
- Interior lighting industry

Other markets can be served on request. If you have some ideas or requests, don't hesitate to contact us.

Stogger is a private company, founded in 2016. We are headquartered in Panningen, the Netherlands. We develop and produce all our products in the Netherlands. We operate worldwide and work with local partners, in order to provide local solutions for local needs.
If you want to find out about our history, please read here.

Our mission

Stogger's mission is to offer freedom and create value to our customers. Stogger has reinvented lighting and is redefining the way signs, crops and interiors are lighted.