Stogger's innovative wireless lighting solution, has resulted in winning different awards.

Stogger one of most innovative companies of the Netherlands

The Chamber of Commerce has selected Stogger as 13 most innovative SME company of the Netherlands in 2018.

In September 2018, the top 100 ranking was announced in ¨De Financiële Telegraaf", the leading financial newspaper of the Netherlands.

Please see here the top 100.

European Aluminium Foil Trophy

Stogger has won the European Alufoil Trophy 2018 in the category Technical Innovation. Stogger BV of the Netherlands has worked with Novelis Deutschland to create Stogger Wireless Lighting, a simple and less labour intensive wireless LED lighting solution, using aluminium foil to carry the electric current.

The aluminium foil replaces wired assemblies. The PowerBoard is a recycled PET panel, laminated with three layers of aluminium alloy AA 1200 and the wireless LED lights are just screwed anywhere into the surface. The layers of aluminium foil are excellent conductors of electricity and enable the modules, or letterboxes, to be made in many intricate shapes and sizes, quickly and with the potential of using automated assembly methods. Additionally, the LED modules achieve seamless light distribution using the company’s square lens technology.

Codega Award 2017

Stogger has won the the Codega Award 2017 as the best new lighting solution. The Codega Prize is the international recognition assigned to the best solutions/realizations for their innovative aspects, the use of smart lighting and their energy saving & efficiency results. An award that recognizes creativity but also “Human Centric” approaches for people’s wellbeing.

The prize-giving ceremony took place at October 13 in Venice (Italy) following a conference on smart lighting which will took place at the international trade fair Illuminotronica.


Out of 84 contestants, Stogger was selected as one of the 5 finalists!

"This is a recognition for the groundbreaking innovation we have developed.", says Pieter Peeters, managing director of Stogger.
The 2-yearly InnovAward has to stimulate entrepreneurs to realize true product or service innovations in small and medium sized enterprises. Preferably in cooperation with other entrepreneurs.