Architectual lighting

Are you looking for an extraordinary and unique lighting sculpture? There is a lighting sculpture that is so organic, that it will connect you with nature. A lighting sculpture that can create 4 billion natural colors in random patterns through fluent movements. This lighting sculpture is called VOLUCI and your search stops right here. With an unlimited amount of moving light pixels, only your imagination is the limiting factor!

Modular size and shape

Each dynamic lighting sculpture is unique. Custom shapes and sizes can be created.
For expample, one single string of 16 modules, a square of 8x8 modules, a rectangular shape of 8x128 modules or any odd sized shape.

Motion control

Advanced motion control enables graceful and synchronous movements, even after long operation. Control of the VOLUCI is web-based and the interface is DMX and ART-NET compatible.

More information?

Are you interested in our VOLUCI? For more information, please contact us or see our product overview here.

We look forward getting in touch with you to tailor our unique dynamic kinetic lighting sculpture to your needs!