Our history

Stogger BV was officially founded in 2016 by Stefan Dorssers, Pieter Peeters and Aubert Dupont. However, Stogger's history dates back to 2013 when Stefan Dorssers shared a conceptual robotics project with his cousin Pieter Peeters. As this project came along, they also needed some electrical and software knowledge. Aubert Dupont, practically living in the same village, matched their needs and offered his time to join this project as well.

We thought we were done...
During this innovation project, their attention fell on advertisement lighting. On YouTube, they got inspired by some very thin forms of lighting, based on electro-luminescence. At that time, this technology wasn't widely used in the Netherlands. Stefan got into contact with a sign maker in Eindhoven, to see whether there are possibilities for this thin lighting technology. The sign maker was very enthusiastic, as he explained that applying lighting in channel box letters is a lot of manual labor and consists of trial and error. Especially lighting channel letter boxes with a depth between 30 - 60 mm, it is very difficult to get an evenly lit surface. Also, the electric wires connected to the LED's, are making production of lighted channel letter boxes difficult. He strongly advised us to focus on the sign market, as the potential for this form of lighting was the biggest in this market.

With this positive feedback we focused on electro-luminescence lighting. We invested in building several prototypes and did some small launching projects with electro-luminescence. During a progress meeting with the sign maker, we showed our prototype. Unfortunately he was not enthusiastic and with pain in our heart, we had to conclude that this thin form of lighting was commercially not viable. We thought that we were done...

Flash of genius

In order not to waste all the work we had done, we tried to go over the sign maker's assembly problems one last time. Suddenly we had a flash of genius: "Why don't we get rid of the cables connected to the LED's?" "Ehh, is that even possible?", the sign maker asked. "Sure, why not!", we responded with confidence. "That would make the production of channel letter boxes much easier and cheaper!", the sign maker reacted. As we are technical specialists with a creative mind, not restricted by the knowledge of sign making alone, we could come up with this solution.

Our breakthrough

In the time that followed after this meeting, our energy level was sky-high! We had the feeling that we had found a real breakthrough in a very conservative market. After investing lots of time in making different kind of prototypes, we proved that our concept could work in a way that the product is functional and commercially viable for a sign maker. After the first prototypes, the sign maker said "I really need this product, the sooner the better". As we got lot's of positive feedback from other sign makers, we decided to scale-up our part-time project and to register our start-up company. Further, we filed a patent in order to secure our invention.

Attracting investment
We all believe in Stogger's success, but the next step requires additional investments. After looking at different options, we decided to co-operate with the LIOF (governmental investment bank). As they also believe in our management team and in the business case at hand, we finally got the required investment. We feel that the LIOF is a perfect partner for us, as we are both aiming at long-term success. Now, with the investments in place, Stefan, Pieter and Aubert decided to stop any distraction and to focus a 100% on Stogger. We all believe 100% in Stogger's future success!

We are confident that if we will further develop our wireless lighting concepts. We can add significant value for sign makers. Furthermore, we are sure that our solution will also be implemented in multiple other branches around the globe! So feel free to join Stogger and implement the concept of the wireless lighting wherever you need it!