PowerIN Line

The Stogger PowerIN Line is developed to provide power to the LiteStrip.

LiteStrip and PowerIN Line explained
The LiteStrip has been designed to replace cables attached to traditional LED modules. In effect, Quantum Line LED modules can be placed anywhere on the LiteStrip. By clicking the Quantum Line into the strip, the LED is electrically connected with the LiteStrip. However, to provide electric power to the LiteStrip, one PowerIN Line needs to be placed into the LiteStrip. Through this PowerIN Line module, the power from the power supply is being transferred to the LiteStrip. So basically, only one PowerIN Line makes it possible to work with wireless Quantum Line LED modules.

The maximum amperage which can pass through each PowerIN Line module is 2 Ampere. This corresponds to providing power to a maximum of 100 Quantum Line LED modules. In addition, a PowerIN Line module can be used to electrically connect multiple LiteStrips, allowing a practically unlimited amount of Quantum Line modules being mounted on multiple LiteStrips.


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PowerIN Line

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