Connect signs fast and safe

The Stogger SignFuse is an 48V 8 channel interface, which is placed between the power supply and the sign. It enables a reliable, safe, easy and fast connection. The SignFuse has the following characteristics:

  • Designed as an electronic fast acting fused distribution box
  • Protects against fire hazards
  • Rated for 800* (8x 100) Quantum modules*
  • 24 ~ 48 V
  • Short or overload detection: < 1 µs
  • Integrated automatic fuses

For more information, please see the technical datasheet.

Application examples SignFuse

In the following situations, the SignFuse can provide:

  • If multiple signs need to be connected in the easiest and fastest way possible.
  • To connect a sign in a safe and secured way, to guarantee that fire, melting cables or electric overload are impossible.


Please see the product downloads for full specifications. Or use a desktop to browse this website for more information.




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