We developed the PowerBoard, to replace the wires of traditional LED modules. This offers ultimate freedom applying sign lighting.

No more wires
The PowerBoard consists of 5 layers: 3 conductive aluminium layers separated by a recycled PET insulating board. The aluminium layers conduct the 48Vdc current.

Single + double-sided lighting
The Quantum Flex LED modules can be mounted on two sides of the PowerBoard. Perfect for single and double sided lighting.

Thermo Drain
The lifetime of a LED is greatly influenced by its operating temperature, making thermal management very important. Traditional encapsulated LED modules have often a poor thermal design, making it impossible to lose their heat. Stogger has solved this by using their aluminium layered PowerBoard, being the perfect heat sink. This enables our Stogger Quantum LED module to dissipate its heat into to the PowerBoard, ensuring ultimate LED lifetime.


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